08/15/2012 06:49 EDT | Updated 10/15/2012 05:12 EDT

Mother Has No Memory Of Crash That Killed Husband, Daughter

A woman who survived a head-on crash that left her husband and teenage daughter dead says she does not remember the collision.

The crash occurred in the early hours of August 5, when Neil Wijeratne, his wife, Antonette, and their 16-year-old daughter, Eleesha, were driving home from Florida.

When they were merging onto Highway 427 from the Queen Elizabeth Way, they were struck by a GMC Envoy that was going the wrong way, police have said.

Neil Wijeratne and his daughter died at the scene.

Antonette Wijeratne was rushed to hospital. Ten days later, she remains there.

She can't lift her arms and the bones along one side of her body were shattered in the crash. Doctors just recently removed breathing tubes from her lungs.

"I don’t feel any physical pain, all my pain is here," Wijeratne said Wednesday, gesturing toward her heart.

Wijeratne said she has no memory of the crash. But she has some recollection of the moments afterwards.

"I see people cutting the van and trying to take me out," she said.

"And I heard them saying: 'She’s alive.' "

Her 19-year-old son, Brian, stayed home from the U.S. trip to study for an exam. He has stayed by his mother’s side as she has recovered in hospital.

"I have to live for him," she said. "That is the only reason I have to live."

Charges are pending against the 19-year-old driver of the GMC Envoy that collided with the Wijeratne’s minivan. After the collision, he was put under arrest for impaired driving.

The Wijeratnes came to Canada from Sri Lanka more than a decade ago.

Members of their extended family are now making their way to Canada for funeral services, which are expected to take place next week.