08/15/2012 09:27 EDT

Tips For Freshmen: Twitter's Advice From Teens Inspires, Intimidates


When it comes to Twitter trends, teens can always be relied upon to jump on board -- so when one of those trends actually draws from their personal lives, you can bet the responses will be fast and furious.

As #TipsForFreshmen started trending this morning, high school teens (and a few older hands from college) doled out their words of wisdom based on years of experience. At times funny, sad, practical or downright gut-wrenchingly truthful, anyone starting at a new school would be well-advised to check out what these kids had to say.

It might, however, be worthwhile to remember that while teens love using Twitter and other forms of social media, many recognize it as a space where bullying, oversharing and body image issues come to the forefront. So read on, but take it with a grain of salt -- after all, every school experience is different, and 140 characters can't possible convey everything you can learn.