08/16/2012 11:00 EDT | Updated 10/16/2012 05:12 EDT

92-Year-Old Woman Turned Away From Flight Over ID Mishap

An elderly woman was denied access to her Air Canada flight from Calgary to Vancouver Wednesday night — although not because she was deemed a security risk.

When 92-year-old Joyce Taylor arrived at Calgary airport, she attempted to check in using her Visa credit card as ID.

Despite the fact the airline allowed her to board her flight to Calgary earlier in the week using her credit card, Air Canada staff told her this did not constitute valid photo identification.

"That young woman said you can't get on, but I thought we'd waited so long why couldn't we get on? Well, I banged my cane on her counter," she said.

In the end, Taylor did make it back to Vancouver after her family managed to send photocopies of the required documents.

"They did [allow me on the earlier flight], so it didn't worry me,” she told CBC News after arriving back in Vancouver.

“But coming back, we missed how many planes? Everybody was waiting for us. It was very awful. And, we should have been here a few hours ago."

Air Canada spokesperson Angela Mah said Taylor should not have been allowed on her initial flight without photo ID.

Mah says the airline will be emphasizing the importance of these procedures with its employees.