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Snoop Dogg, Elvis Costello And Chris Martin As A Zombie: 20 Unexpected Movie And TV Cameos By Musicians (VIDEO)


This year's Olympic opening ceremonies may have seen performances by Paul McCartney and the Arctic Monkeys, but it's the Spice Girls reunion during the Olympics' finale that many of us were most excited for. So to celebrate the legacy Spice World left behind, here's a list of unexpected musician cameos in movies and television.

1. Artist: The Beach Boys

TV Show: Full House

When Uncle Jesse sat down to play this custom ballad for Rebecca during their season four nuptials, few of us die-hards thought this moment could be topped. However, as Mr. Katsopolis' music career rose, his collaborations with the Beach Boys led to a special version of the song, as well as a live performance with the band when the Tanners went to Disney World. Even today, John Stamos will appear on drums with the group, proving that sometimes cameos continue . . . forever.

2. Artist: Backstreet Boys

TV Show: Sabrina The Teenage Witch

After Sabrina learned that she could not "bottle talent" to win her high school's battle of the bands, she collected the leftover beverages and vowed not to meddle (temporarily) again. However, she left one drink behind, and as five "normal" high school kids shared a sip during basketball practice, we learned they were not only actually BSB, but talented only because of witchcraft.

3. Artist: Elvis Costello and Burt Bacharach

Movie: Austin Powers 2: The Spy Who Shagged Me

It wouldn't be Austin's swinging sixties without an unwarranted cameo, so to dazzle Felicity Shagwell (Heather Graham), the agent stumbles upon Elvis and Burt who serenade them in the London streets. Because of this, some of us may think that this is exactly what's happening right now at the Olympics.

4. Artist: Snoop Dogg

Movie: Old School

When Bernard "Beanie" Campbell (Vince Vaughan) throws a raging kegger to help his friend Mitch "The Godfather" Martin (Luke Wilson) get over his ex-girlfriend, he uses his pull as a speaker salesman to recruit Snoop Dogg for a live performance. Adding to the legend of "Mitch-A-Palooza," Snoop's appearance is topped only by Frank "The Tank" Ricard (Will Ferrell), who announces onstage that it's time to go streaking. Snoop doesn't join.

5. Artist: Peal Jam

Movie: Singles

Considering Singles revolves around the Seattle scene of the early '90s (and is directed by music-loving, former journalist Cameron Crowe), cameos by Alice In Chains and Soundgarden are to be expected. However, nothing says "grunge" like an appearance by Peal Jam, and while they play part of Cliff Poncier's (Matt Dillon) band, Citizen Dick, they're so convincing as rock stars that you'd think they were actual musicians or something. (We kid.)

6. Artist: David Bowie

TV Show: Extras

When Andy Millman (Ricky Gervais) makes it big after the success of his sitcom, he heads to a club, and bribes a bouncer to get into VIP once he sees David Bowie there. Unfortunately for Andy, the lackluster comedian inspires David, who pens an impromptu song and leads the bar in chants of "Pug, pug!" in tribute to Millman's "pug-nosed face." Evidently, even lyrics like "chubby little loser" sound poetic when sung by the Thin White Duke.

7. Artist: Letters To Cleo

Movie: 10 Things I Hate About You

After convincing Kat (Julia Stiles) to come with him to prom, Patrick Verona (Heath Ledger) "calls in a favour" and enlists Letters To Cleo to be the guest band. Despite Kat being the only attendee to even know who they are, the crowd still cheers and reacts enthusiastically – likely because it's a reprieve from Save Ferris, whose ska was making it impossible to slow dance.

8. Artist: Stevie Wonder

TV Show: The Cosby Show

While most musicians would choose to pay out after crashing their limo, Stevie Wonder invites the Huxtable family into his studio after an accident with Theo and Denise. Perhaps as a testament to his generosity, Stevie even opts to record a track, singing a rendition of "I Just Called To Say I Love You" along with the whole Huxtable bunch. So it just goes to show you: if a limo looks like it might hit your car, let it.

9. Artist: Huey Lewis and the News

Movie: Back To The Future

It makes sense to give a cameo to the man who sang the movie's title song (that went on to reach number one and earn an Academy Award nomination) so who better to judge Marty McFly's (Michael J. Fox) audition for Battle Of The Bands than Huey Lewis himself. Ironically, he puts the kibosh on McFly's version of the film's anthem, "The Power Of Love" for being "too damn loud," and efficiently crushes Marty's dreams. Even more ironically, the band likely felt the same way in 1993 when Celine Dion released a track of the same title, which, unfortunately for everyone, was not actually a cover.

10. Artist: Chrissie Hynde

TV Show: Friends

Tensions are high at Central Perk after Phoebe gets replaced with a "professional singer" named Stephanie, who is actually The Pretenders' Chrissie Hynde. However, after a failed attempt to busk hate anthems in protest outside, Phoebe warms up to her rival and the two collaborate for a riveting version of "Smelly Cat" at the episode's close. If ever there was a definitive '90s TV moment, this may have been it.

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11. Artist: Davy Jones

TV Show: The Brady Bunch

After receiving a letter from the Monkees' frontman, Marsha Brady becomes consumed with the thought of getting Davy Jones to sing at her school dance. Of course, despite all campaigning and efforts, her plan nearly fails until the very last minute when she suddenly finds Davy Jones in her living room. Carrying with him his new album, the two agree to go to the dance as dates, and as such, instill a hope in women world-over that writing enough correspondence will end with a Monkee taking us someplace.

12. Artist: Michael Jackson

TV Show: The Simpsons

When Homer's pink shirt lands him in a mental hospital, he bonds with patient Leon Kompowsky who believes he's actually Michael Jackson. Voiced by Michael Jackson himself (who went by the alias John Jay Smith in the episode's credits), Leon returns home with Homer, and helps Bart pen the iconic "Happy Birthday Lisa" song for the eternal eight-year-old. Magically, the gift of song allows Leon to return to his actual identity, which is especially ironic considering it's not actually Jackson who sang in the episode.

13. Artist: B-52s

Movie: The Flintstones

It makes sense that once Fred (John Goodman) became a high-paid quarry executive, he took Wilma (Elizabeth Perkins) for a fancy night out. However, what makes more sense is the appearance by The Flintstones theme singers The B-52s, whose live version of "The Bedrock Twitch" became the anthem of a choreographed dance-off between the golden couple. Meanwhile, to the families some us forced to watch this scene on repeat so some of us could learn the steps ourselves – we apologize.

14. Artist: Jennifer Lopez

TV Show: Will And Grace

Only Karen would ask Jennifer Lopez to sing at her wedding reception after cornering her in a Las Vegas bathroom, but after learning J Lo and Rosario were once friends, that's exactly what happens. However, the plot thickens once one of Jennifer's dancers breaks his ankle and Jack ends up taking his place, which ends up posing the important question: will Jack join Ms. Lopez on the road? (Answer: Kind of. The two become best friends and after a brief falling out, she gives him a gig with Janet Jackson.)

15. Artist: Aerosmith

Movie: Wayne's World 2

Considering how much pull Wayne (Mike Meyers) and Garth (Dana Carvey) have thanks to their basement talk show, to land Aerosmith for the iconic Waynestock after meeting them backstage seems like almost an under-achievement. However, despite two alternative endings that attest otherwise, the story ends with the band showing up to the festival just before Wayne and Garth must declare it a failure. The best friends are saved, their reputations remain in tact and Aerosmith sings "Shut Up And Dance." Nothing else matters.

16. Artist: Yoko Ono

TV Show: Mad About You

After finding out that Yoko Ono's in town, documentary director Paul Buchman seizes the opportunity to do something different and tries to convince her to work with him. Expectedly, hilarity ensues once Jamie and Paul arrive to her apartment and Yoko instead suggests he "film the wind." Fortunately, Paul doesn't have to and Yoko saves the project by deciding to collaborate with him in a more realistic sense – but not before we're given a glimpse of the famous white piano John sang "Imagine" at.

17. Artist: Mighty Mighty Bosstones

Movie: Clueless

If the '90s should be remembered for anything, it's surprise live performances by bands singing movie title tracks. 1995's Clueless was no different as Cher (Alicia Silverstone) and friends were treated to two Mighty Mighty Bosstones songs at an out-of-town fraternity party that memorably involved Thai (Brittany Murphy) "rolling with the homies." Who knew ska and Beverly Hills were so intertwined.

18. Artist: C+C Music Factory

TV Show: Blossom

Like any young teenage girls circa 1992, Blossom and Six camp out at a store called Rockin Records to score tickets to see C+C Music Factory. However, just as it seems like they still missed the cutoff, the band shows up in person where Blossom and Six freak out accordingly before the whole gang busts a move to the appropriately titled, "Things That Make You Go Hmmm." (Like this scene.)

19. Artist: Twisted Sister

Movie: Pee Wee's Big Adventure

Pee Wee's shenanigans have lived in infamy, but one could argue that his biggest blunder (or achievement) lied in interrupting Twisted Sister's video shoot for "Burn In Hell." Attempting to escape several Warner Bros. security guards, he rides his bike right onto the Twisted Sister set, where the guards crash into the band's vintage car leaving Pee Wee to escape. Apparently, Pee Wee wasn't going to take it anymore.

20. Artist: Chris Martin

Movie: Shaun Of The Dead

Ever the humanitarian, Chris Martin and Coldplay attempt to raise zombie awareness through ZombAid, a fictional concert in the wake of a British zombie apocalypse. However, as the infiltration continues to increase, not even a well-meaning music festival can make a difference, and as Shaun (Simon Pegg) continues to outwit and battle the zombies, he comes face to face with an undead Chris Martin whom he must destroy.

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