08/17/2012 10:07 EDT

Costco American Only Hours: Facebook Page Slamming Canadians To Be Taken Down

An anti-Canadian Facebook page that gained the support of a B.C. cabinet minister is being taken down by its creator, but copycats may keep its message going.

The administrator of a Facebook page that calls on a Costco location in Bellingham, Wash. to establish "American-only" hours says the page will be taken down because some people are taking it "way overboard," the Province reported.

“I am shutting down this page primarily because of the ignorant press/canadian/american negative connotations it has received,” the administrator wrote on the page.

The site was set up when American shoppers at the Bellingham Costco became frustrated at Canadian customers crossing the border to take advantage of bigger products and a low American dollar.

The site drew support from B.C. Tourism Minister Pat Bell, who said that Canadian shoppers should shop at Costco locations at home, 24 Hours Vancouver reported.

As of this writing, there were at least eight other Facebook pages calling for American-only hours at the Bellingham Costco. One of the pages had over 4,700 likes.

A YouTube video that allegedly shows Canadians buying large jugs of milk from the Bellingham Costco remains online.

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