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The 11 Most Ridiculously Flattering Things The Media Has Said About Justin Trudeau (PHOTOS)


As the Canadian media waits with bated breath for Justin Trudeau's decision on whether he'll run for the leadership of the Liberals, journalists are taking the time to tell us just how awesome he really is.

And the consensus is in. He's really awesome.

While some aren't sure if the 40 year old is ready to lead a national party, it seems everyone agrees on one thing: He's really, really, really ridiculously good looking.

So in honour of our media's embrace of this second round of Trudeaumania (and partly out of inspiration from Buzzfeed's listicle headline generator), here are the 11 most ridiculously flattering things the media has said about Trudeau so far this year.

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11. "He’s got great hair"

- Warren Kinsella

10. "The man is genuinely, immensely likable"

"Justin Trudeau does not shake your hand; he inhabits it. The wrist cocks out and up, the fingertips down; the elbow shoots off to his right; the shoulder rises slightly. Then a friendly grin dawns as he delivers a firm but not crushing grip, looking you in the eye, with a twinkle in his own. The effect is of someone who is warm, slightly embarrassed by the fuss, almost goofy, and genuinely happy to meet you. It is likely that some of this is practised; he would have spent his early social years deflecting other peoples’ preconceived ideas about class and snobbery. Either way, it is effective. The man is genuinely, immensely likable." - Michael Den Tandt

9. Sisyphus & Icarus?

"Trudeau is part Sisyphus, driven by his nature and upbringing to push his political rock up the hill. And he is part Icarus, driven to prove himself in spectacular ways, whether by crossing rapids, speaking off the cuff about separatism or exposing himself to defeat and humiliation in the ring." - Michael Den Tandt

8. Or Hamlet?

A leadership race without Justin Trudeau would be both Hamlet without the Prince of Denmark, and one more yawn before sleep. - Rex Murphy

7. "Tantalizing"

"Mr. Trudeau is tantalizing, but whether he is galvanizing is another question." - Lawrence Martin

6. "He isn’t an old fart"

He isn’t an old fart. The Liberal party — like the Conservatives — has been run by, and for, old farts for too long. The party is in desperate need of a new generation of leadership. Trudeau, like Barack Obama in 2008, has the greatest ability to mobilize young people to work for him, and vote for him. - Warren Kinsella

5. "Expressive mane of hair"

"You, with the expressive mane of hair and the explosive pronouncements that sometimes rival the idiocy of our other Justin, the Beeb." - Judith Timson

4. "His mane of black hair was tousled"

"Under his suit jacket, the sleeve buttons on his dress shirt were undone. His necktie was knotted, but left loose over an open top button. His mane of black hair was tousled. Even in genteel disarray, even dressed more or less like a couple hundred of his parliamentary colleagues, the 40-year-old Liberal MP for the Montreal riding of Papineau looked like a million bucks." - Paul Wells

3. "He’s got more charisma than the royal family and Lady Gaga combined"

"He’s got more charisma than the royal family and Lady Gaga combined. In Ottawa, which is Hollywood for ugly people, that matters. To win, political parties need some sizzle with their steak; Trudeau has sizzle in abundance. On the election hustings, when measured against Trudeau, Stephen Harper and Thomas Mulcair will look like Angry Old Guys, because, er, they are." - Warren Kinsella

2. "Impossibly handsome"

"The 41-year-old Liberal MP from the Montreal riding of Papineau, impossibly handsome, charming and much more comfortable in his skin than the bearer of such an iconic yet troublesome political name has any right to be..." - Judith Timson

1. "Lion-maned clothes horse with dimples like moon craters"

"So the rail-thin, lion-maned clothes horse with dimples like moon craters, a giant-killing right hook and a weapons-grade surname will position himself as the loyal helpmate of a post-leadership-fixation Liberal Party? It's so crazy it just might work." - Paul Wells

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