08/17/2012 04:43 EDT

Brake Don't Text And Drive UK Ads: Attention Getter

Blue Hive

Was that last txt worth it?

A new and in-your-face ad campaign by UK agency Blue Hive, is sending an important, yet chilly, message: Don't text and drive -- you may just end up in a freezer.

The four-part ad series, according to, features classic texting lingo like "msg," "2," and "snd" next to dead bodies with equally creepy emoticons pasted over them.

The ads are part of UK's Brake Don’t Text and Drive ad campaign and there's no surprise it's needed -- research has found at least 50 per cent of young drivers in the U.K. have texted while driving.

The 2009 RAC Foundation research also showed that texting while driving impaired motorists more than being under the influence of drugs or alcohol, according to the BBC.

In Canada, most provinces and territories have banned the use of cellphones while driving, but Canadians -- at least 99 per cent of them -- are still seeing drivers texting away in their cars, according to a survey by by the Manitoba Canadian Automobile Association.

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LOOK: The full ad campaign:

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