08/18/2012 07:09 EDT | Updated 08/18/2012 07:35 EDT

Mark Lindsay: Former Police Chief Father Suffering Following Son's Murder Confession


Profound suffering and pain is what greeted the family of Mark Lindsay after they heard the Alberta man had confessed in B.C. court to killing his ex-girlfriend, the saddened family said in a statement.

In the statement John Lindsay, now a Deacon, and his wife Louise said, “We are very greatly saddened by the profound pain of all who have suffered in the events described this week in Kamloops.

On Wednesday last week, during a trial on unrelated charges, Mark told a Kamloops courtroom that he had killed his ex-girlfriend Dana Turner, CBC reported.

Mark's confession stated that he killed Turner and dumped her body, believing she was part of a group of serial killers and planning to kill him, resulting in the judge ordering a psychiatric assessment, CBC adds.

The Lindsay family mourns the death of Turner and says they struggle to “be humanly reconciled with all that has happened.”

“As parents, we love our son. Although illness has prevented our attendance in Kamloops, we pray every day for what he needs,” they said, adding, “Our family’s ‘need’ and suffering will never challenge or displace the agony of others, nor should it.”