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PNE Fair: What's Your Favourite Memory?

Dizzying rides, deep-fried everything and the Superdogs. Yup, the Fair at the PNE kicks off this weekend for its 102nd year of fun.

Millions of people have traversed the grounds over the course of a century.

Our news editor and self-admitted nerd Andree Lau remembers loving the slick pitches for magic cloths and non-stick pans, even spending some hard-earned allowance on some DIY gift ribbon kit.

Our associate news editor Jesse Ferreras remembers being glued to the walls of a spinning, neon Gravitron ride.

Our assistant news editor Zi-Ann Lum remembers a terrifying, borderline traumatizing experience at the Haunted House.

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The Rides

The PNE Fair expands Playland to include rides like the Atmosfear, a carousel that spins at 218 feet in the air, or the Revelation, which takes two to four thrillseekers at a time up to 160 feet, then spins them at 100 kilometres per hour.

There's also the Corkscrew, the Gladiator, the Hellevator, the Music Express and, of course, the Wooden Roller Coaster with its infamous drop height of 75 feet.

It makes the stomach churn just thinking about it.

The Exhibits

The PNE Fair exhibits this year include the Star Trek Exhibition, which takes you through the bridge of the Starship Enterprise with displays of masks, costumes and ship models.

There's also Safeway Farm Country, an animal exhibition with pig races, giant oxen and a BC Berry Exhibit and Store. And the second annual Rib Festival Competition should sate the hunger of anyone who's spent a day wandering the grounds.

The Music

Here for a good time, not a long time, are PNE Fair headliners Rick Springfield, Olivia Newton-John, Our Lady Peace, Lifehouse, Trooper and Tower of Power.

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