08/18/2012 05:28 EDT | Updated 10/19/2012 05:12 EDT

Toronto Police Involved In Mississauga Human Remains Probe


Toronto police have contacted Peel Regional Police about the ongoing search of a Mississauga park and river where human remains were found, after a "suspicious" discovery was made in Toronto.

Police in Toronto have found something in the area of Kennedy Road and Bonis Avenue, in the city's northeast, about 50 kilometres away from the Credit River in Mississauga. The coroner has been called in to determine if the discovery is human remains.

"They do have an ongoing investigation right now, and they have been in contact with our investigators, and we are working together," Peel Regional Police officer Const. George Tudos told media late Saturday afternoon.

Dozens of Peel Region police officers are searching Mississauga's Hewick Meadows Park and Credit River, west of Toronto, as they continue to look for body parts in a grisly search that has uncovered two hands, a foot and a head since it began earlier this week.

No discoveries of body parts had been announced after the search ended by early evening Saturday. The search will resume tomorrow morning.

Up to 50 officers, along with cadaver dogs, are searching a four-kilometre radius centred on the Credit River and Hewick Meadows Park, CBC's Charlsie Agro reported from the scene.

Earlier this week, a severed head and foot were found in the park. On Friday, two hands were found in the river, which flows from the Niagara escarpment to Lake Ontario.

Police teams including divers have been performing a thorough search of the area. Const. Tudos said it's taken a toll on the force, which is responsible for the area that includes Mississauga.

"It is hard on the officers, and I wouldn't even be able to imagine what they must be thinking when they come across items like this," he said.

Police say missing persons cases in the Peel Region are being investigated, and they've received a number of calls from families with missing women.

They believe the remains belong to an adult female, though they have yet to confirm the body parts are from one person.

Decomposition has prevented investigators from determining the woman's age or ethnicity, however DNA analysis results are expected in the coming days.

The park, which is popular in the summer with runners and cyclists, remains cordoned off to the public.

"It's disturbing. There are a couple of neighbours who are worried about whether they should be moving out or not," local resident Linda Cowan told CBC.

Memorials have been placed along the shores of the river for the victims despite the lack of identity.

The search is expected to continue for at least a few more days.

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