08/21/2012 08:18 EDT | Updated 03/11/2013 05:34 EDT

American Vogue's 120: Anna Wintour's First Cover And Her Favourite Images From The Magazine Over The Years

In November of 1988, Anna Wintour had Peter Lindbergh shoot her very first cover as the editor of American Vogue.

The picture of the Israeli model, Michaela Bercu, is nothing like the sharp and clean lines of this month's September issue featuring Lady Gaga.

Bercu is wearing a Christian LaCroix cross emblazoned sweater with a pair of jeans. Her hair is all over the place and her eyes are barely open. In Wintour's September issue letter from the editor, she reflects on the photograph and what it meant for the magazine.

In the moment, she felt it was casual and cool. "Afterwards, in the way that these things can happen, people applied all sorts of interpretations: It was about mixing high and low, Michaela was pregnant, it was a religious statement. But none of these things was true. I had just looked at that picture and sensed the winds of change. And you can’t ask for more from a cover image than that."

Here is Anna Wintour's first cover from November 1988:

And here are some of Anna Wintour's favourite images from Vogue. Go to to see even more:

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