08/20/2012 08:28 EDT | Updated 08/21/2012 08:27 EDT

#BetterBC: What British Columbians Want (REACTION)


We knew British Columbians were innovative and cared deeply about our province. It stood out when we asked for your ideas of what would make a #BetterBC.

The responses we received were exceptional. They ranged from calls for responsible government spending to the legalization of a popular herb.

"I'd love a sweet high speed passenger railroad system," wrote Huffington Post user themonsheshe.

Amoosefloats, who has bone cancer and lives on $556 a month, called for a "liveable disability rate."

When we launched our #BetterBC campaign, we didn’t realize that groups including the David Suzuki Foundation and the Pembina Institute were running a parallel promotion using the same Twitter hashtag. We don’t think they’re mututally exclusive, as environment was a big concern for many of you.

One of ideas from the Better Future Fund is "better bike lanes with curbs so my children can safely ride their bikes with me to the park/library/grocery store."

A provincial commitment to the protection of wildlife species is something HuffPost commenternightinggale would like to see.

While we can only wish for the power to make these appear, it's encouraging that so many of you are still looking at the glass half-full.

Click on the slideshow below to browse a slice of what's on British Columbians' minds. And feel free to continue to add to the comments section below.

British Columbians Respond To #betterBC