08/20/2012 10:02 EDT

E-Biker Travelling Across Canada For Food Donations


A man attempting to be the first person to ride an electric bike across Canada was in Sudbury Friday as part of his Mania In Motion tour.

Danny "Hurricane" Halmo said he's completing 7,000 kilometre journey this summer for a number of reasons, including promoting sustainable travel and collecting food for local food banks.

But at the forefront of the trip is the BC resident's desire to raise awareness about mental health issues. Halmo said the e-bike journey has helped him deal with his bipolar disorder.

“I think it would make sense to prescribe e-bikes as a mental health medication because they truly are the best mood stabilizer that I ever had,” Halmo said.

“Everyone who gets on one has a big smile on their face the second they pull out. It's just a really neat thing."

Halmo is currently on his way east and expects to complete his tour in mid-September.