08/20/2012 10:57 EDT | Updated 10/20/2012 05:12 EDT

Saskatchewan cities launch ads that thank province for share of sales tax

SASKATOON - The organization that represents cities in Saskatchewan has launched an ad campaign to show its gratitude to the provincial government.

The Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association says the four-week campaign thanks the province for funding under the municipal revenue sharing program.

The provincial government currently shares 20 per cent of the provincial sales tax with municipal governments, which will be $237,253,882 for 2012-2013.

Cities receive 46 per cent of the money.

Saskatoon mayor Don Atchison says cities should get more, which would be make it closer to a per-capita share.

But Atchison says the association's campaign is about expressing gratitude rather than being critical.

"We want to make it perfectly clear that everyone that has received funding in the past should still continue to receive funding, but we still need to be able to creep closer to a per capita basis," said Atchison.

The advertising campaign highlights the importance of a strong partnership between urban and provincial governments.

In Saskatoon, it includes building new fire halls, upgrading sewer lines and helping projects like River Landing and the Shaw Centre.

"It's far better, I think, to have a positive message than to say that people aren't doing this for me, or they're not doing that for me," Atchison said.