08/20/2012 11:03 EDT | Updated 10/20/2012 05:12 EDT

Tien Ngoc Ho, Alleged Gang Member, Deported To Vietnam

CALGARY - A man believed to be a Calgary gang member has been deported by the Canada Border Services Agency for what it calls "serious criminality."

The agency says Tien Ngoc Ho, who is 25, was removed from Canada last week and returned to Vietnam under the escort of border security officers.

Ho was ordered deported last December following 26 firearms-related convictions for which he received six years in prison.

He was released into the border agency's custody on July 13.

Ho remained in detention pending his removal from Canada on the basis that he was a danger to the public.

Ho was convicted in 2010 following a police discovery of weapons, including a silencer attached to a handgun and a bullet-proof vest found hanging in a baby's bedroom.