08/22/2012 03:19 EDT

#CalgaryRetro: Remembering The Old And The Good


Oh, Calgary. You are growing so big, so fast. Most would argue you are changing for the better. You are becoming more metropolitan, cosmopolitan. There are new communities and new skyscrapers. New newcomers and new news websites.

They say change is good - and it is - but we can't help notice that you've shed some of the things that made you awesome to begin with.

We launched last week (yay!) and this piece by blogger Lonnie Taylor got us thinking: What did we love about Calgary that is now just a fond memory?

Lonnie did a lot of legwork for us. He asked this question on Twitter last February using the hashtag #CalgaryRetro. We managed to recover much of that conversation and the result was a nice stroll down memory lane.

Do you miss this?

Or how about this?

This conversation isn't a new one. It's been going on for years over on a forum. Everything from the old Devonian Gardens , to a Canyon Meadows 7-11 that no longer exists to Calgary's more modest skyline.

Check out what other Calgarians miss in the slideshow below and be sure to tell us what about Old Calgary has you yearning for the past. Feel free to share on Twitter using the #CalgaryRetro or on our Facebook page.

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