08/21/2012 12:08 EDT | Updated 10/21/2012 05:12 EDT

Kelowna City Hall Flags End After 'Pro-Life' Furor


A furor over flags in Kelowna, B.C., has forced an end to a long-standing tradition in that Okanagan city.

Councillors have voted to get rid of Kelowna's courtesy flag pole, meaning special interest groups will no longer be permitted to fly their flags above city hall.

The decision stems from controversy that erupted after a group opposed to abortion announced it had won the right to fly its banner during so-called "protect human life week," next month.

Council originally rejected the wording of the first banner and requested a second proposal.

When that offering was also deemed to be too political, councillors unanimously endorsed a motion to scrap the flying of all special interest flags.

Now, only municipal, provincial and national flags will flutter above Kelowna city hall. (CKQQ,CKFR)