08/22/2012 12:43 EDT | Updated 10/22/2012 05:12 EDT

For a great summer activity kids and parents can carve watermelon 'shark'

As summer winds down, parents may find their kids are getting increasingly bored. So for a fun activity, get them involved in making this cool carving out of a watermelon. Not only will they have a great time creating it, but they will also enjoy eating it.

Young children should be supervised carefully when sharp knives are being used. They can help draw the design on the watermelon rind with a marker.

Have the whole watermelon at room temperature when you carve. The cuts will be easier to make when the watermelon is not cold. You can chill the watermelon in the refrigerator after cutting and before serving.

Shark Carving

Materials needed:

1 oblong watermelon

1 chef’s knife

1 green dry erase marker

Large spoon

Smaller utility knife

Melon baller

Paring knife (or use the tip of a vegetable peeler)

2 large marbles

Toothpicks or wooden skewers

Swedish fish candies, for garnish

Study the photograph before beginning.

Wash and dry watermelon. Cut off 1/3 of the watermelon at a diagonal angle.

Stand remaining 2/3 upright on a work surface and use dry erase marker to draw the mouth line and eye sockets.

Cut out the mouth. Trim back a 2-cm (3/4-inch) line of the green watermelon rind, leaving white rind with which to carve the teeth.

Use large spoon to scoop out watermelon flesh, leaving 7.5 cm (3 inches) at the bottom to stabilize the base.

Using smaller utility knife, cut teeth.

Use melon baller to cut out eye sockets that match the size of the marbles. Then use a paring knife to trim back the green area around the eyes. Insert marbles.

Use carved-out rind removed from the mouth to make the dorsal fin; shape it as shown in the picture. Attach the fin using toothpicks.

Fill the mouth with triangle shapes of watermelon, accented with Swedish fish candies.

Source: National Watermelon Promotion Board,