08/23/2012 01:37 EDT | Updated 10/23/2012 05:12 EDT

Ketamine Drug Bust: Victoria Police Arrest Four After Buying Drugs In Clubs

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VICTORIA - Four people have been arrested after undercover police officers in Victoria bought various illegal club drugs during a three-month sting.

Police say they purchased ecstasy, ketamine and cocaine from a group of people who were allegedly dealing to city bars and clubs.

The project, dubbed King of Clubs, was initiated after a series of ecstasy-related deaths in B.C. and Alberta in late 2011.

Const. Michael Russell says police had also noticed an increase in the club drugs' popularity, especially ketamine, which is an anaesthetic used for animals and sometimes in humans.

Police say they're concerned because the drugs are often packed with other chemicals and misrepresented by sellers.

David Orchard, Cheryl Weeks, Christopher Cook and Sara Clough are all charged with drug offences.

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