08/23/2012 03:22 EDT | Updated 10/23/2012 05:12 EDT

Massive Project X party planned for Langley shut down by police

RCMP in Langley have shut down plans for a massive house party advertised on Facebook that was attracting the attention of thousands of young people.

The so-called Project X party was based on a movie released this spring about three unpopular high school seniors who aim to make a name for themselves by advertising a huge birthday party on the web, which eventually spirals out of control.

Since then, there have been copycat Project X parties around the world, making the news in Australia, Germany, several U.S. cities and even Calgary, leading to the destruction of several homes and one fatal shooting.

According to police in Langley one such party was scheduled for Saturday night in Walnut Grove, and more than a thousand Facebook members had already signed up, saying they would attend.

The address was to be revealed two days before the party was scheduled to begin, according to the posting.

'Please come and bring friends!'

"Everyone is invited....I am just in the middle of getting my stuff to my new house in WG and i don't know many people so im having a party that hopefully a decent amount of people show up. No parents will be there so dont worry.... Please come and bring friends!" said the Facebook posting.

But before that happened police contacted the owner of the Facebook account to have the invite taken down. They now believe the individual's account had been hacked and the invite may have actually just been a hoax, according to Corp. Holly Marks.

"The individual who posted it has actually removed it from the website, and we've been monitoring it and looking to see if any sort of rejuvenation of the location or anything like that has been posted on Facebook, Craigslist, or any type of social media, and we haven't been able to find that," said Marks.

But the police still have concerns about teenagers showing up in Langley looking for somewhere to party, so they still plan to set up roadblocks and traffic checks on Saturday night to make sure those looking to cut loose don't try to take over a vacant home.

"These types of parties generally don't take place in a person's home, as much as a vacant home, or a home put up for sale currently unoccupied," said Marks.