08/24/2012 05:25 EDT | Updated 10/24/2012 05:12 EDT

Supervisor releases Hotel Dieu Grace report; says culture at Windsor hospital changed

TORONTO - The government-appointed supervisor of Windsor's Hotel Dieu Grace says there's been a cultural shift at the troubled hospital since his appointment in January 2011.

Ken Deane has now completed his work and in his final report to the Health Ministry outlines a number of positive changes have taken place at the hospital since he was appointed.

During Deane's time at Hotel Dieu Grace a new chair and vice-chair were appointed, and there is a new chief of staff in place who Deane says is providing strong and effective medical leadership.

Deane was appointed as the hospital dealt with issues that included a murder-suicide, medical errors, and pathology mistakes that resulted in an investigation into surgery and pathology.

Deane says many of the hospital's problems stemmed from a lack of trust and respect amongst its leaders and the culture that environment created.

In his report, Deane says he believes the changes he has made to senior management and medical leaders at the hospital have strengthened its ability to respond to challenging events.

However, Deane notes there is more for the hospital's new board to do.

"Although progress has been made over the past 18 months it is not possible to completely address all the issues," Deane said in his report.

"However, the hospital now has the leadership capacity to effectively advance the hospital, to revitalize culture, and to address the operational requirements."