08/27/2012 09:38 EDT | Updated 10/27/2012 05:12 EDT

Corgi Puppies Stampede, Sleep, Play And Are Generally Super Cute (VIDEO)

Yes, we've got the corgi puppy cam and about a million other examples of corgisattheirbest.

But a series of new videos from Japan of 10 (!!) corgi puppies have overloaded our cute circuits this Monday morning.

The videos show the dogs, running, swarming the camera, chilling, playing and just generally being adorable. And the best of the videos have fewer than 100,000 page views as of Monday morning. Get on it internet!

Check out all of them collected below and subscribe to SiroWan's account on YouTube which is a veritable gold mine of corgi cuteness. And if you need more puppy stampedes here's our roundup of 13 of the best puppy pile-ups.