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Ontario Girl Sings With Springsteen

An Ontario girl briefly stole the spotlight from Bruce Springsteen during his stadium concert in Toronto on Friday. The 10-year-old’s singing ability and stage presence even had some wondering if she had been planted.

"It was not staged, I can promise you that," said Springsteen fan and proud father Sender Tator, who carried his daughter Halle on his shoulders hoping she’d be spotted by “The Boss.”

To stand out in the crowd, Halle held up a bright green sign that read: "It’s my first show. I’m waiting on a sunny day."

The Thornhill girl didn’t have to wait long.

"He grabbed my hand and he picked me up," Halle said in an interview with CBC’s Heather Hiscox, adding that she had practiced the song with her 8-year-old brother before the show.

"I just felt so happy I didn’t really have time to be nervous."

The child belted out the lyrics as Springsteen rocked back and forth, looking down at her as if surprised by her relaxed performance.

Meanwhile, her father was having what he called "an out of body experience." Tator has been to 17 Springsteen concerts and knows that the artist normally picks a child in the audience to sing Waitin’ on a Sunny Day.

"When it's your own child, it's too hard to believe," he beamed.

Halle now has quite a story about her first big concert.

"I just feel really happy because I still can’t believe I got to do that,” she said.

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