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Saddletowne, Martindale LRT Openings Confusing For Some In Calgary

Where do I park? What happened to my bus? Am I even on the right train?

For the most part it was smooth sailing (er, driving?) as Calgarians welcomed two new LRT stations (Saddletowne and Martindale) to the northeast line of the C-Train route, but for some the whole process was kind of confusing.

Although the city and Calgary Transit were tweeting the announcement of the new station openings well in advance, and the openings were covered by most major news outlets in Calgary this weekend, some Calgarians were left scratching their heads about where the mysteriously labelled trains would take them.

Public parking was also a point of confusion for some, as commuters who came to the Saddletowne Park-and-Ride lot after 7 a.m. Monday morning learned there were no parking spots to be found, reports CTV Calgary.

Calgary Transit also reported to CBC Calgary that there were a few problems with early morning bus drivers on the new LRT feeder routes.

Transportation manager for the city, Mac Logan, told CTV the $142 million project will have a big impact on traffic into the city's core.

“We estimate these two new stations will result in 364 fewer cars on the road into the downtown which means 4.5 million less vehicle kilometers and a reduction of 1,400 tonnes of CO2 emissions over the year,” he said.

Check out what Twitter users had to say about the new LRT stations in our gallery below.

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