08/28/2012 02:42 EDT | Updated 08/28/2012 02:51 EDT

Kittens Dumped In Cooler On Hot Surrey Sidewalk


Animal cruelty investigators with the BC SPCA need help identifying someone who abandoned six newborn kittens — some with umbilical cords still attached — in a cooler on a Surrey sidewalk.

The kittens, believed to be only a few days old, were dumped in a light grey cooler with a sign that read “Free Kittens,” said a SPCA news release on Tuesday.

Someone on their way to work spotted the cooler, sitting in the hot sun, and called the SPCA. The group’s general manager, Lorie Chortyk, said the animals would “certainly have perished if they hadn’t been rescued right away.”

The kittens’ eyes had not yet open and some had the umbilical cords still attached, she said.

The animals are under the care of the BC SPCA Animal Hospital and will be placed in foster homes for 24-hour care once they’ve recovered enough.

Last week, a BC SPCA investigation led to a criminal animal cruelty charge laid against a man accused of torturing a kitten in a 50-minute video.

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