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Can This J.Crew Collars & Cuffs Stain Bar Remove Dirt From Clothes? We Put It To The Test


At some point, we've all purchased something whose results were, er, questionable, and didn't live up to our expectations or deliver the results we were so boldly promised. But no more! For the sake of you and your hard-earned money, The Huffington Post Canada Style team is putting the latest products to the test every week.

Testing:J.Crew Collars & Cuffs Stain Bar

Testing Period: On sweat-stained shirts as needed.

Tested By: Sarah Kelsey, Editor, Style

Price: $10

What It Is: A bar of soap that's said to remove dirt and yellow stains from clothing.

How To: Wet the area you're attempting to clean then rub with the bar. Wash the article of clothing normally.

What We Thought: Grimy shirt collars (or cuffs or underarms) are a common clothing occurrence, regardless of an item's quality or how much it's worn. (Blame sweat, dirt and overuse for causing these hard-to-remove stains.) This bar, made by J.Crew, claims to get these gross spots out of shirts with a simple scrub. Simply pre-treat a spot then wash.

It sounds too good to be true, right? Well, it's not. This bar has become a staple in my get-clothes-clean repertoire. It works -- and incredibly well.

With one simple scrub, I've been able to banish every stain from my light-coloured items, including from one BCBG shirt I've had (and have been trying to clean) for years. What's more, this bar is non-toxic, biodegradable and hypo-allergenic (something that's super important for a sensitive-skinned gal like me). It's quite literally one of the best laundry products I've ever used.

The Downfalls: There are none.

Tips: Try to tackle your yellow/dirt stains with this bar as soon as you see them appearing on a clothing item. For my BCBG, I had to do the scrub-wash cycle a couple of times.

Final Remarks: If you're prone to developing yellow stains on your clothing, this bar will save your closet's life.

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