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DIY Pedicure: We Put Viviscal's Micro-Pedi To The Test

Viviscal MicroPedi

At some point, we've all purchased something whose results were, er, questionable, and didn't live up to our expectations or deliver the results we were so boldly promised. But no more! For the sake of you and your hard-earned money, The Huffington Post Canada Style team is putting the latest products to the test every week.

Testing:Viviscal's Micro-Pedi

Testing Period: Two weeks

Tested By: Sarah Kelsey, Editor, Style

Price: $40

What It Is: A battery-powered way to get pedicure-smooth feet without having to pay for an actual salon service.

How To: Roll the Micro-Pedi over calloused areas of your feet to buff away dead skin cells.

What We Thought: Using a micro-mineral roller that rotates 30 times a second, the tool is said to gently and effectively remove the gross, dead skin cells that make feet feel rough and dry. There are two rollers to choose from: one that's blue (for extra rough skin) and one that's magenta. So what did I think?

The product definitely works. After rubbing the tool over my heels for about five minutes (which crack easily because of all of the running and working out I do), they felt smooth and soft. And, as an added bonus, the pain associated with my cracked heels all but disappeared. The product is simple to use.

The Downfalls: I like going to a salon to get a pedicure -- it's relaxing. That being said, sitting in a chair and having someone else work on my feet is time-consuming and expensive. So if you like the experience of visiting a spa, you'll feel like you're missing out by only using this product. It should also be said, the Micro-Pedi cannot fix cuticles or paint toenails (so you'll have to do that on your own once the foot rolling is done). Be sure to add moisturizer to your feet after you treat them.

Tips: This product should only be used on dry skin (the rollers aren't meant to get wet). You can brush dead skin cells from the object by using a cleaning tool the Micro-Pedi comes with.

Final Remarks: If you want to keep your heels from cracking on a regular basis (and can't afford or don't like spa pedicures) this product is a must-use beauty tool.

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