08/28/2012 04:00 EDT | Updated 10/27/2012 05:12 EDT

Maygan Sensenberger, Senator Rod Zimmer's Wife, No Longer Charged With Endangering Safety Of An Aircraft


SASKATOON - A senator's wife charged with creating a disturbance on a plane had the most serious charge against her dropped Tuesday, but she was forced to spend another night away from her husband.

Maygan Sensenberger made a brief appearance in a Saskatoon court Tuesday morning. The 23-year-old's husband, Sen. Rod Zimmer, 69, a Liberal from Manitoba, sat quietly in the back row.

The case was adjourned to Tuesday afternoon and then to Wednesday afternoon. The defence and Crown wanted time to review disclosure and hold discussions.

The Crown withdrew the most serious charge against Sensenberger of endangering the safety of an aircraft. That charge carries a maximum sentence of life in prison under the Criminal Code.

"The two charges now are causing a disturbance and uttering threats and those are the only two charges. The Crown proceeded summarily," defence lawyer Leslie Sullivan said outside the courthouse.

When asked whether it is her client's hope that the case can be dealt with Wednesday, Sullivan said: "I'm not going to discuss that."

Conditions remained in place that Sensenberger have no contact with Zimmer.

Saskatoon police arrested Sensenberger last week after she allegedly caused a ruckus on a flight from Ottawa.

Police alleged she yelled about bringing down the plane and threatened Zimmer. But a witness says Sensenberger was simply worried about her husband's health and wanted him to get help for breathing problems he was having during the flight.

The witness, Scott Wright, said the crew gave Zimmer oxygen and he started feeling better, but his wife was still upset and they fought over his condition.

Saskatoon police have said the alleged threats were made before any concerns were expressed about Zimmer's health.

Police and ambulance staff met the plane when it landed. Wright said Zimmer walked off the aircraft by himself.

Sensenberger's family has said it was not unusual for the young woman to be worried about her partner's health. Zimmer has battled cancer in the past.

Police reported that no one was injured and the safety of the aircraft was not compromised.

Sensenberger first appeared in court last Friday and was held in custody over the weekend.

On Monday, their first-year wedding anniversary, according to their Facebook page, the judge released her on several conditions, including that she have no contact with her husband. She was also banned from drinking alcohol and being in licensed establishments.

The two arrived separately at the courthouse Tuesday and did not speak to reporters.

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