08/28/2012 02:41 EDT | Updated 08/28/2012 05:31 EDT

Ron Bencze Prison Sentence: Former Global TV Reporter To Serve Four Years (WARNING: DISTURBING DETAILS)

Global TV

A former TV reporter has been given a sentence that's even longer than the prosecution asked for.

Ron Bencze, a former reporter with Global BC, has been sentenced to four years in a federal institution for sexually assaulting a child, Global News reports.

The Crown was seeking a prison term of two to three years after Bencze pleaded guilty to one charge of sexual assault last month.

However, the judge found the Crown's recommendation too lenient.

People were heard gasping "yes" in the courtroom as the judge handed down the sentence, reported CTV.

Bencze, a father of three, had originally faced nine child sex-related charges involving three alleged victims but he ultimately agreed to plead guilty to one count of sexual assault with a minor, the Surrey Leader reported.

The contact with the child allegedly included masturbation, and oral sex in Bencze's home.