09/02/2012 04:58 EDT | Updated 09/02/2012 05:10 EDT

Meowbify: I Can Haz More Cats?


People around the world have been giggling over Meowbify, a generator that replaces images on any website with animated gifs of ... CATS! Guitar-playing cats, napping cats, dancing cats... If you don’t chuckle at this internet magic, then you are made of stone.

More than two million people have “meowbified” half a million websites since Meowbify was launched in June.

This internet gift comes from Vancouver-based Mobify, a company of 30 that builds products to make sites look their best on mobile platforms.

James Sherrett, Mobify’s VP of marketing, said Meowbify was actually built to test existing products. "The real purpose was to test the technology, but a fun offshoot is the popularity," he told The Huffington Post B.C.

Clients like Starbucks, Lululemon and Clearly Contacts use Mobify to ensure their mobile commerce sites load quickly and run smoothly. Meowbify is in fact part of the company’s work in eliminating that lag time from loading images, explains Sherrett.

So why cats? Well, they go together with the internet like chocolate and peanut butter, he points out.

We meowbified the websites for the three B.C. political parties. Let's just say if the vote was based on cat concentrations, the B.C. Conservatives would be ones to watch.

"News sites like BBC and CNN are great fits because they tend to be gloom and doom news juxtaposed with the quirky cat images which is always fun," Sherrett says.

(Notice he didn’t say The Huffington Post. That’s because we’re already fun. Rawr!)

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