08/29/2012 01:02 EDT | Updated 10/29/2012 05:12 EDT

Tanya St-Arnauld: Acid Attack Survivor In Induced Coma


MONTREAL - A Quebec woman is in an induced coma and has her face covered in bandages after having corrosive acid thrown in her face.

Thousands of messages of support on Facebook have rolled in for Tanya St-Arnauld.

St-Arnauld, 29, remained in hospital on Wednesday with burns to her body.

Police near Montreal say a man they describe as St-Arnauld's boyfriend has been charged with aggravated assault.

Longueuil police said they were called to a home last weekend.

"On the scene, officers noted that a woman had been burned on her face with a household product containing acid," spokesman Martin Simard said in an interview Wednesday.

"We transported the woman to hospital and she is still in an induced coma and will be for several days before investigators can meet with her to get her version of events."

Police arrested Nikolas Stefanatos shortly after the Sunday morning attack and say he is St-Arnauld's boyfriend.

He was arraigned on Monday and will return to court for a bail hearing Friday.

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