08/30/2012 07:39 EDT | Updated 08/30/2012 09:31 EDT

Child Falls From Window In Southwest Calgary Neighbourhood, Rushed To Hospital


CTV Calgary is reporting that a three-year-oldboy has been rushed to hospital with serious injuries after falling from a window in the 4500 block of Richardson Road S.W.

EMS were called to the the home shortly before 5 p.m., after the child fell from a second-storey window. According to EMS officials, the child was pushing on the screen when it came loose and he fell approximately three metres.

In the last seven weeks, reports 660 News, at least 11 children have been taken to hospital after falling out of windows. In each case the children had been leaning against the window screen. Most were between the ages of two and four.

Sherry MacGilivray, a nurse at the Alberta Children's Hospital, told 660 News that children come into the hospital with very serious injuries.

"They get things like broken limbs, they get lung injures, they can get facial fractures if they land a certain way on their head, they can get abdominal injuries," MacGilivray said.