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Huffington Post Canada: Our Living Channel Turns 1


Happy birthday to us!

It seems like only yesterday that HuffPost Canada Living was just an empty page and a long list of features and story ideas. On September 1, 2011, The Huffington Post Canada launched its very own lifestyle site, covering everything from healthy living, women's news, style, beauty and food.

Today, we stand as our own Living page, bringing readers delicious and strange food stories, health and fitness issues across Canada, some of our favourite internet finds and day-to-day tips on living a stress-free and healthy life.

With personalized tweets and daily drool-worthy food photos on Facebook, our audience has grown to include readers across the country (and beyond). We've also had fun experimenting on social media during the holidays with our #giftgurus campaign, our #projectpetsearch for the cutest pet in the country, and at the end of spring, we asked readers to bow down to our favourite season with the hashtag #AllHailSummer. Not too shabby, right?

We're also proud to feature the work of many talented Canadian lifestyle bloggers, including health and wellness expert Rose Reisman, founder of Erica Ehm and our very own germ expert Jason Tetro.

So right now, we'd like to take the time to thank all our readers for their support. As we shift into our second year, what are some of the topics you want to read about? Which stories matter the most to you? Let us know in the comments below.

In honour of our first birthday, here are some of our favourite stories and blogs from the past year. Oh, and make sure you have a cupcake or a shot (or both) today to help us celebrate the big one!

HuffPost Canada Living Turns 1

Canada's Long-Standing Failure For Women:

"Between 1987 and 2009, the proportion of women in middle management rose by about 4 per cent. At that rate, it will take approximately 151 years before the proportion of men and women In Canada at the management level is equal." Read the story here.

The Most Expensive Baby Photos:

From Brangelina's pricey twins to Britney Spears's kid sister's bundle of joy, celebrities have been taking those first precious moments and turn them into millions of dollars on the covers of magazines for years now. Read the story here.

I Made Out With a Married Man And Told His Wife:

"So as the countdown begins to this year's Calgary Stampede, I'm reminded of last year's "debacle" during the festivities. That is, I spent eight hours at a bar with a handsome "urban cowboy" who professed to be single and genuinely smitten by me. A day later, I found out that he was married -- and I chose to track down and tell his wife." Read the story here.

Marking Citizens' First Year In Canada:

A recent survey of new Canadians by the Institute for Canadian Citizenship found 89 per cent of Canadians believe everyone -- including both Canadians born in Canada and foreign-born Canadians -- can be good citizens. Almost 30 per cent of us are proud of our country's freedoms and democracy, while Canadians born outside of this country specifically value friendly people and the quality of life. Read the story here.

25 Common Food Myths:

"It seems like every time there's a question about nutrition, most of us rely on word of mouth over anything else. 'Well, my friend tried this diet,' or 'I heard grapefruit can do wonders' both sound like they make sense -- so why wouldn't we believe them?" Read the story here.

7 Steps For Dealing With Divorce:

"I'm a spaz in big groups, my friends call my fashion sense "eclectic special" and I've been known to burst into tears at a moment's notice. Take last week, for example. I bawled after catching a cute old couple holding hands. This is all important to note because I'm least composed when going through some sort of emotional upheaval." Read the story here.

The Secrecy Behind The Practice And Prejudice Of Skin Bleaching:

Skin bleaching products are by no means illicit or unheard of. In India, Bollywood giants like Shah Rukh Khan and John Abraham have done several ad campaigns and commercials endorsing skin lightening products. But despite their popularity and widespread promotion, bleaching is often done behind closed doors and people don't talk about it -- or the complicated reasons they bleach -- outside of their intimate circles. Read the story here.

Top 10 Detox Foods:

"While I'm a firm believer that detoxification is an essential part of optimal health, I acknowledge there is a lot of misinformation on how to detox safely and effectively. I'm often asked, "What is the best detox/detox kit?" My answer is simple: We're all biochemically unique and thus, have different biochemical demands. There are a number of organs which aid in the removal of the dangerous exogenous and endogenous toxins from our body." Read the story here.

How I Will Tell My Daughters I Work In Porn?

"When people around me learn of my profession, they immediately start asking morbid questions. And even if they're liberal people, they all ask the same thing: how did you tell your parents and how are you going to tell your daughters? I realize that I have a controversial profession: I've written books about sex and feminism, and I also write, produce and direct porn for women." Read the story here.

Worst And Best Countries For Paid Maternity Leave:

"In at least 178 countries around the world, paid leave is guaranteed for working moms, while more than 50 countries provide wage benefits for fathers, according to the ILO. The United States, along with Papua New Guinea, Swaziland, Liberia and Lesotho are some of the only countries in the world that provide no type of financial support for mothers, according to a study done by McGill University's Institute for Health and Social Policy." Read the story here.

Hottest Canadian Athletes:

"Don't get us wrong -- every member of the 277-strong Canadian Olympic team has the kind of appeal most of us rarely see, let alone possess. So let these 21 (or so) athletes serve as a stellar representation of just how gorgeous our country truly is when it's in top physical shape." Read the story here.

Hey Ladies, What's Stopping YOU From Proposing?:

"These days we can see through the façade of the perfect nuclear family. We realize that really, there is no such thing. We realize that marriages end in divorce. People actually do get depressed. They get addicted to drugs, sex, and gambling, too. Life is not the pretty picture that was painted for us on TV in the 50s." Read the story here.

Best And Worst G20 Countries For Women: Canada Tops The List:

"In Canada, women have access to contraception and at least 75 per cent of women aged 15 to 49 use it. In 2008, 62 per cent of university graduates in Canada were female. The poll also noted that one third of Canada's federally appointed judges are women. These findings were some of the reasons Canada is perceived to be on the right page of protecting women's well-being and basic freedoms." Read the story here.

Casting Call For Project Pet:

Tell us -- how adorable is your pet? Better yet, don't tell us -- show us! See over 100 cute pets here.

How Germs Control Your Brain:

"The impact of microbes on mental function has been known for centuries, thanks in part to the neuropsychiatric effects of syphilis and rabies. The focus on the mental effects of germs didn't really take hold until the 1980s when HIV patients were beginning to exhibit signs of dementia. This opened up a widespread hunt for other germs that might have deleterious effects on our brain function." Read the story here.

Some Inuit Unable To Cope With Expenses:

"Contrary to the myth, living in the North doesn't guarantee high wages. Inuit living in the territories make far less than non-Aboriginals in the same region -- about $43,378 less. Within Inuit Nunangat, the traditional Inuit homeland, non-Aboriginals made an average of $50,128 according to 2005 Statistics Canada numbers. For Inuit, it was only $16,669." Read the story here.

12 Ways To Lose 20 Pounds:

"So grab your mat, weights and schedule in 20 minutes -- that's all it takes, but you'll be working your butt off -- to get back into creating a new you in 2012. For Haley, the magic number this year is 20. Each exercise is performed 20 times (in sets of 10 usually) in 20 minutes. For the routines below, Haley uses a 12-pound weight, but feel free to choose a size you're comfortable with and take as many breaks as you need." Read the story here.

Dear America: You Have A Gay Problem:

"This is Canada, your northern neighbour (I spell it with a "u"). Blessed with a bird's eye view, I've watched troubling developments unfold below. Before more damage is done, I thought it best to offer some Canadian insight in the hopes that it may assist you as you move forward in your struggle." Read the story here.

The Low-Down On Your 'Lady Flower':

Dr. Alyssa Dweck, gynecologist and co-author of "V is for Vagina," a guide on everything one needs to know about vajayjays, says the word vagina itself is still labelled "gross." And if that last sentence made you cringe a bit, you're not alone. Read the story here.

Celebrity Body Transformations 2011:

What did set this year apart, however, was the candid way in which many stars approached their bodies' changes. Between embracing weight loss programs such as Jenny (the company formerly known as Jenny Craig), setting up their own organic line, or calling out past rivals on their weight gain, this year's batch of shape-shifting celebs has set the honesty bar high for 2012.Read the story here.

Vodka Tampons: The Test:

"The more I Google searched, however, the more I couldn't find a single article verifying that the "vodka-soaked tampon" actually worked. Grimly, I realized there was only one way to settle the mystery. I couldn't assign it to someone else (just imagine trying to pitch that to a writer!). In the interests of science and parents everywhere, I decided that I would have to test the rumour myself." Read the story here.

What Is On Women's Minds In 2012?:

In today's world, many ask if there is still a reason to single out one day for half (or more than half) of the population. The Huffington Post Canada asked women of younger generations their thoughts on the issues that affect women -- or whether such issues even still exist. Read the story here.

Celebrating Pride, Canuck Style:

"Today gives us a chance to celebrate great Canadians who are part of the gay community -- people who have entertained, informed and inspired us through their nationality, their talents and their advocacy for LGBT rights throughout their careers." Read the story here.

7 Foods That Have Strange Side Effects:

You've probably heard while growing up that 'you are what you eat.' Well, if that saying holds any truth, then Leo Barnett might as well be a carrot. The three-year-old boy from Britain was written about in the Daily Mail as living with a condition known as hyper-beta carotenemia. Other than being a mouthful, the condition prohibits Barnett's body from digesting carotene. Read the story here.

Canadian Comfort Food:

We hate to admit it, but it's getting cold outside. Really, really cold. And the only thing this kind of weather makes us want to do is to curl up to a plate of our favourite comfort food. Read the story here.