08/31/2012 11:20 EDT

Rob Ford Meets Butter Rob Ford At Toronto Ex (PHOTO)

Don Peat/Twitter

It was only a matter of time.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford visited the Canadian National Exhibition, or The Ex as it is commonly known, on Thursday and came face to face with himself, rendered in 500 pounds of butter.

The sculpture by Olenka Kleban makes reference to two Ford gaffes (reading while driving and a spat with Margaret Atwood), but that didn't dissuade the mayor from taking a look.

"It doesn’t offend me whatsoever, I think it takes a real talent for someone to spend six days carving that – sculpting, whatever terminology you want to use – that impresses me," Ford told reporters, according to the National Post. Ford also posed for photos with Kleban.

Ford took in the Ex with his wife and two children and quipped "I’m the better mayor not the butter mayor," according to the Toronto Sun

Ford also took time to address his niece Krista's controversial tweet that women should not "dress like a whore" in order to avoid sexual assault.

"It’s a mistake she made. She gets it. She apologized for it," Ford said, according to The Globe And Mail. "She’s very young ... We all did things we regret when we were younger ... We have to move on now."

You can see video of his visit here.

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