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Premier Redford At Calgary's Pride 2012 Talks Respect And Taxes

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While the Alberta government recently predicted a budget deficit of $2 to $3 billion for this year, Premier Redford told reporters at Calgary's Pride Parade that taxes won't be increased, according to 660News.

"That is a commitment that I've made," she said, adding that choices had to be made in a volatile economy, 660News reported.

The Premier was partly referring to the government's controversial decision to cancel the building of a police college in Fort Macleod, as it was no longer considered a viable option.

The first Premier to attend Pride Parade in Calgary, Redford flew to cowtown after attending celebrations for the 100th anniversary of Alberta's legislature building in Edmonton.

Referring to the legislature building celebrations she said, "it was a really fun opportunity to think about what Alberta looked like a 100 years ago compared to what Alberta looks like today — and I like Alberta today," CBC reports.

The Premier flew to Calgary especially for the event. "That sort of speaks volumes for her," said Dallas Barnes, President of Pride Calgary. The event attracted a record number of participants this year, with estimates ranging up to 30,000.

When addressing the crowd Redford said it was the government's and her commitment to Albertans to ensure that they can live a life where they can make the choices they want to, the Calgary Herald reports.

"We create the environment where we all respect each other so we can live in dignity and have the confidence in who we are," she added, according to the Calgary Herald.

With rainbow flags flying high and major sponsors such as TD Canada Trust and Winners, support for Pride is at its highest in Calgary.

Floats at the parade ranged from upbeat to serious, with signs such as, "Unitarian Church welcomes Heterosexuals," to "I've been bullied," with participants wearing shirts that represented the names they were bullied with.

The overall atmosphere was one of, well pride, as the event becomes one of Calgary's biggest celebrations. The week long event wrapped up today with a brunch at Jameson's Pub on 17th Avenue.

Calgary Celebrates Pride 2012

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