09/04/2012 08:53 EDT | Updated 11/04/2012 05:12 EST

Cheers of 'Pauline, Pauline' greet PQ victory in Quebec election

MONTREAL - Wave after wave of deafening, excited cheers shook a downtown Montreal nightclub as Parti Quebecois supporters heard Tuesday their party would form the next Quebec government.

Pauline Marois will be Canada's fifth female premier after several tries to become party leader and having to fend off attempts as recently as last year to oust her.

People waved flags and hugged or jumped up and down as electon results indicated the PQ was headed back to power after nine years of Liberal government under Premier Jean Charest.

Tears glistened in the eyes of some people while others had broad smiles pasted on their faces. Others looked dazed, yet happy.

Chants of "Pauline, Pauline," reverberated through the Metropolis nightclub as the results rolled in.

The exuberance for Marois was almost matched when the mob saw reports on giant TV screens that Charest was trailing in his Sherbrooke riding.Then the crowd of 2,000 broke into one of the favourite anthems at Canadiens hockey games — "Hey, hey goodbye."

Every time the PQ advanced in a riding, the crowd roared and waved flags.

Any possible Liberal gain was greeted with loud boos.