09/04/2012 04:37 EDT | Updated 03/11/2013 05:25 EDT

Kate Middleton Shows Us How To Wear Workout Gear At The Paralympics

Thanks to Kate Middleton, we're craving a workout wardrobe update.

The Duchess of Cambridge was spotted sporting sleek red sneakers, leggings, a red tee and a lightweight navy jacket while doing her rounds at the Paralympic games. (Talk about a matchy-matchy look.)

It's a far cry from celebs who think sporting sweatpants is the best attire to wear when running to the gym -- this despite the fact their stylists must know about this season's "trendy" neon athletic wear. Then again, who can blame them; we regularly work out in shorts splashed with paint and not-so-current tees.

Take a look at Kate's outfit from the weekend and let us know how you feel about your workout wardrobe: could it use an update?

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