09/05/2012 05:07 EDT | Updated 09/05/2012 05:14 EDT

Lakeview Bobcat And Cubs: Wild Cats Spotted Playing, Hunting In Calgary Community (VIDEO)

With its close proximity to grassy plains and rugged mountains, Calgary is no stranger to wildlife infiltrating city limits.

One lucky Lakeview homeowner, however, has had the privilege of providing a backyard and alleyway as a temporary playground for a mother bobcat and her two young cubs.

In a video supplied to Global Calgary, two young bobcats lazily groom while lying on what appears to by a shed roof surrounded by tall trees.

The video also shows two young cats working to move a large dead squirrel over a fence in the corner of the property. With great agility one bobcat carries the squirrel in his mouth, using his large paws to maneuver while his sibling watches from above.

The bobcat cubs are also seen napping and relaxing in several places around the property and crossing the top of a neighbour's fence.

In the final clip we see the mother bobcat, from a distance, walking with her cubs in an alley.

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