09/05/2012 03:21 EDT

Wedding Anniversary Gifts: What To Buy Him For Years One Through Five


There's no rule that says you have to stick with convention when it comes to anniversary gifts, but, for those who'd like to, we've got a modern spin on traditional gift-giving.

Anniversary Presents For Him

1st Anniversary

Traditional Gift: Paper

Gift Ideas: Write a love letter to your spouse, expressing how much you love him and how happy you've been during your first year as husband and wife. If writing's not your strong suit, make a scrapbook using photos, ticket stubs and other keepsakes that highlight significant moments in your first year of marriage.

2nd Anniversary

Traditional Gift: Cotton

Gift Ideas: Think Egyptian cotton sheets (you'll get to enjoy this gift, too!), a T-shirt of his favourite sports team or sexy boxer-briefs. A cotton hammock also makes an excellent gift: the perfect way for your hubby to catch some R&R after all those chores he does!

3rd Anniversary

Traditional Gift: Leather

Gift Ideas: If you've read 50 Shades of Grey, then you've probably got the leather gift idea covered! For those who want something a little more PG, some thoughtful leather-themed anniversary gifts include a jacket, a tool belt, a wallet or a watch with a leather band.

4th Anniversary

Traditional Gift: Linen and Silk

Gift Ideas: Silk boxer shorts or a stylish linen sport jacket are safe bets. But, if your hubby is dapper enough to pull it off, why not get him a silk bow tie or pocket square, a la Scott Disick?!

5th Anniversary

Traditional Gift: Wood

Gift Ideas: There's a dirty joke somewhere in here about the fact that you've been giving your hubby wood for years, but let's get our minds out of the gutter, OK? A wood-framed photo of his favourite moment in sports history (to be hung in his man-tuary, not the living room, of course!), a hand-carved desk for the home office or, if he's handy, a gift certificate for him to take a wood-working course.

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