09/06/2012 03:40 EDT | Updated 09/06/2012 08:17 EDT

22 Minutes Mockingly Remembers Jean Charest (VIDEO)

Say what you will about Jean Charest, the man has a sense of humour.

Perhaps that's why This Hour Has 22 Minutes has taken a look back at the man who resigned as Qubec's Liberal leader on Wednesday.

The video from the 22 Minutes archives shows Marg Delahunty (Mary Walsh) joking with Charest when he was interim leader of the Progressive Conservatives in the wake of that party's electoral implosion in 1993.

Even as Delahunty attempts to give him a makeover, violently combing his hair, Charest is all smiles.

Just one more reason to hope for that political comeback everyone is gossiping about.

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