09/06/2012 06:08 EDT | Updated 09/06/2012 06:27 EDT

Dave Hancock Attack Ad: Alberta MLA Mistakenly Targeted In Minnesota Ad (TWEETS, PHOTO)


Everyone makes mistakes, right?

Well, the Minnesota House Democratic-Farmer-Labour Party Caucus made a big oops last week when they ran an attack ad accidentally featuring an Alberta politician, rather than a Minnesota Republican.

The ad, which targets budget voting of two Republicans, reads “Rep. Larry Howes & Rep. David Hancock aren’t telling the truth about Minnesota’s budget.”

However, the ad ran a photo of Alberta's Minister of Human Services, Dave Hancock, rather than a photo of the intended target.

Alberta's Hancock used Twitter to point out the mistake today, tweeting, "My influence knows no boundaries ;) Campaign Advice: know your opponent #ableg #UseTheRightPhotoNextTime," accompanied with a picture of the ad.

Read Twitter's reaction to the mistake below.

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