09/06/2012 11:19 EDT

Mud Rescue Russia: Excavator Scoops Man Trapped In Mud (VIDEO)

How do you get a guy out of a giant mud pit? It's no riddle.

In a YouTube video called 'A Man Drowned In Russia In The Mud,' a man identified as a construction worker is waist-deep in grey sludge and can't seem to get out. How did he get there? It's not quite clear, but a report indicates some men take their chances crossing the risky area for funsies.

So the crew does what anyone would: they use a giant excavator to scoop him out.

First the excavator tries to pull him out. No go. It's around this time the crew starts to chuckle. Then it tries to dig out the mud around his legs, to no avail. Finally, the bucket comes straight behind the man and lifts him free.

We've never seen someone look so relieved.

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