09/07/2012 10:23 EDT | Updated 09/10/2012 04:52 EDT

Canada Unemployment: Here Are The 10 Best Cities To Find A Job


StatsCan’s latest unemployment report shows the country’s unemployment rate steady at 7.3 per cent, but dig deeper into the data and you find a country with wild disparities in its employment situation.

While the country as a whole created 34,000 jobs, Ontario saw a stunning 25,000 jobs lost in August. And StatsCan data on cities shows huge differences this month from town to town. So if you’re looking for work, where you’re looking is certainly key.

Based on the latest available data from StatsCan, we’ve put together a list of the ten best cities in Canada to find a job. Rather than looking at the unemployment rate, we look at the total number of jobs created in the metropolitan area, as a percentage, in the year to August, 2012.

We’ve eliminated the job markets with fewer than 100,000 jobs from the list. For instance, Saguenay, Quebec, saw the number of jobs rise by 10.8 per cent, the most of any census metropolitan area. But with a workforce of fewer than 80,000 people, we would be remiss in advising Canadians to pile into the town in search of work.

Despite Ontario’s recent job losses, four cities there make the list. And booming Alberta’s cities don’t rank quite as high as one would expect. Check out the list:

10 Best Cities In Canada To Find A Job

Correction: An earlier version of this article stated that two Ontario cities appear on the list. In fact, four Ontario cities appear on the list.