09/10/2012 09:45 EDT | Updated 11/10/2012 05:12 EST

Milton boy's death in murder-suicide shakes community

A murder-suicide that claimed the life of a young Milton boy has left friends and neighbours struggling to comprehend the full extent of the tragedy.

The bodies of Wojciech Kosalka, 43, and his six-year-old son, Noah, were found inside a Milton home on Saturday.

After post-mortem examinations were completed in a Hamilton hospital, police announced Sunday that Noah had died with his father in a murder-suicide.

Police have not released the cause of death.

Two days after the tragedy was discovered, neighbours who lived near Noah and his dad were still coming to terms with what had happened.

Neighbour Sara Khan said she always saw Noah being doted on by his father.

"He was so fond of his son," said Khan.

She said that she would see Wojciech Kosalka spending time with his son as soon as he arrived home from work each day.

"The moment he parked the car there, he used to take out the motorbike and take his son around the block to have a good ride."

At the nearby school Noah had attended, the flag was at half-mast on Monday.

Camillo Cipriano, the principal of Guardian Angels Catholic Elementary School, said that the students are asking questions after learning of the Grade 2 student’s death.

"It’s a question that even as adults we struggle with," Cipriano told CBC News.

"The death of a child is very unnatural and there is no easy answer."

Neighbours say prior to the weekend, they had been seeing less of Noah’s mother.

The night before the boy and his father were found, neighbours say that the car that Noah’s mother drove was not parked in its usual spot in the driveway.

According to neighbours, Noah’s grandparents arrived at the home about an hour before the police were called on Saturday.

Family members told CBC News that they did not want to speak to media, but said that the boy’s mother is inconsolable.

Police have not commented on any motivation for what happened on the weekend, though investigators spent much of Monday interviewing neighbours.