09/10/2012 02:16 EDT | Updated 11/10/2012 05:12 EST

Saskatchewan government delivers on election promise of cash for community rinks

BALGONIE, Sask. - The Saskatchewan government has come through with one of its election promises to rural areas.

Sports Minister Kevin Doherty says $1.9 million has been earmarked for grants to support community rinks.

Towns and villages can qualify for $2,500 for each ice surface.

The money is meant to help fund operating costs or minor capital upgrades.

Applications must be made online before Nov. 30.

Doherty says the rinks have to be indoor and can't be privately owned or on reserve land.

"The rinks during the winter time ... are the hub of activity in every small community in our province," Doherty said Monday as he announced grant details in Balgonie, east of Regina.

"Whether it's the skating rink or the curling rink, people tend to gather there during all times of the week to partake in figure skating or curling or hockey or what have you."