09/10/2012 04:53 EDT | Updated 11/10/2012 05:12 EST

Vancouver Parkour Gym Open For Runs, Jumps, Flips

Concrete jungle monkeys who use city buildings, stairways and rooftops as their playground now have a gym to call their own. And James Bond would be proud.

Origins, which boasts of being the largest parkour gym in Canada, opened on Monday. The 10,000 square foot facility on Main Street is full of custom-built structures where people train in "tricking, gymnastics, strength and conditioning." Because leaping from a parkade to a rooftop is tough work.

The gym also features a climbing wall, monkey bars and a weight room.

Parkour is a discipline developed in France that focuses on training the body to become stronger, faster and more agile while "overcoming obstacles." David Belle popularized parkour in action films, showing the world how he could leap out of highrise windows, using balconies, rooftops, and ropes to somehow land safely (and get away from the bad guys).

Casino Royale in 2010 sparked a renewed interest in parkour.

"Parkour really makes sense in Vancouver because people are already very outdoorsy," gym owner and head coach Rene Scavington told Vancity Buzz.