09/11/2012 02:36 EDT

Best Buildings, Ugliest Buildings In Greater Vancouver: The People's Verdict

Flickr: wisley

Beauty is certainly in the eye of the beholder. When it came to Vancouver's best and ugliest buildings that we posted last week, opinion was all over the map.

General consensus was that the Vancouver Public Library and Marine Building were lovely to look at.

The latter brought this observation from Loni Eliot on Facebook: "Certainly was in its day. Now it's simply distinguished, like a favorite uncle mellowing with time and getting a little white on top."

Many agreed that the downtown Sears building is one of the ugliest, though the Vancouver Academy of Music and BC Place were raised as unsightly buildings that we missed.

Our story identified Simon Fraser University as one of the region's ugliest buildings, but reader BR_Anderson felt the ranking was undeserved. He said the university's concrete can be "dreary in mid-winter" but that it functions well as a space.

We loved your reactions and observations. Here are more of them:

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