09/12/2012 08:07 EDT | Updated 05/20/2014 04:59 EDT

Langley Cancer Patient Robbed Of Chicken Dinner

A cancer patient in his electric scooter was viciously robbed of his chicken dinner by five boys in Langley, B.C.

The man was travelling on Fraser Highway on Aug. 31 when he turned into a walking path behind a pool and was confronted by a teen wearing a black hoodie, say RCMP. The teen demanded a piece of chicken from the victim.

When the man refused, four of the teen’s friends appeared. He tried to leave the area but was struck repeatedly by the first teen, said RCMP Cpl. Holly Marks in a news release. The man then fell into an empty fish pond.

During the confrontation, the victim managed to hit his attacker on the back of neck with his cane. He also noticed a three-digit numerical tattoo, possibly 762 or 742, said Marks.

The five boys fled when a cyclist passed by. The group got away with the victim’s keys, wallet, four cans of a beer and a bucket of chicken.

Investigators are looking for four white males and one East Indian boy between the ages of 11 and 16 years old.

Police want to also speak with the cyclist who helped the victim back to his scooter but left without providing his name.

The victim suffered a black eye and required several stitches at the hospital, said Marks.