09/12/2012 09:27 EDT | Updated 11/12/2012 05:12 EST

Jenny Packham introduces Vegas heyday glamour to a new crowd at NY Fashion Week

NEW YORK, N.Y. - British restraint? Not here.

The Jenny Packham catwalk at New York Fashion Week was a parade of one glitzy, glamorous look after another, and she wasn't to shy away from a single — or thousands — of beads, sequins and sparkles.

Packham wouldn't be doing justice to 1960s Las Vegas without them, right?

London-based Packham said in her notes left for stylists, retailers and editors at Lincoln Center on Tuesday that she took a long look at Lauren Bacall, Shirley MacLaine and Angie Dickinson, aka "The Rat Pack Mascots," as inspiration. "These women were movie darlings challenging the female stereotypes on screen at the time," she said. "Possessing an intoxicating combination of beauty, inscrutability and independence, they exuded a spunky, bold femininity. They didn't chase the pack, they ran with it."

If these muses were to swing open the closet doors in spring 2013, they would find Packham's checkerboard-beaded gown, a swinging trapeze-beaded mini and the ultimate hostess dress, an orange T-shirt gown with embellished long-sleeve cuffs.

There was a bit of repetitiveness in the collection, but that's the life that this woman lives: party after party.

It's worth noting that on the day that Packham previewed her vision for the future, one of her most famous clients, the Duchess of Cambridge, was celebrating the queen's diamond jubilee tour in England.