09/12/2012 02:16 EDT | Updated 11/12/2012 05:12 EST

Marc Jacobs throw hipster picnic mixed with muted prep for Marc by MJ line at NY Fashion Week

NEW YORK, N.Y. - Marc Jacobs threw a hipster picnic Tuesday with a mashup of neon checks, plaids and stripes — large, small, wide, narrow — loaded into outfits as many as five at a time for his more moderately priced Marc by Marc Jacobs line.

Other looks for men and women were less busy. There was an edgy chic to a roomy ladies' button coat in off-white with embroidered silver dots, and another in solid bright pink with large pockets, vents and heather grey sleeves with matching pink trim at the cuffs.

Another button coat was more fitted, in a fuchsia pattern of smaller dots against dark blue.

But the line's spring show at a lower Manhattan armoury during New York Fashion Week shouted bold, fun prints in bright orange, pink, purple and red.

One sported skull-and-crossbones with musical notes and vinyl records in a geometric design used in a variety of ways. There it was in mint, blue and pink for a tank dress fitted on top and swingy below the waist. It showed up again in newsprint colours in a short-sleeve button shirt for men.

Sophisticated prep took over in whites, pinstripes and muted red sweaters for both genders in jackets, boxers, shorts, cargo pants and trousers.

A jacquard skirt suit hugged the body in a robin's egg blue and grey with a wide, multi-patterned tie at the waist. Scarves wrapped around waists and heads were used on many multiple models.

Nick and Joe Jonas were in the audience. Would they ever consider designing themselves? "Definitely, if the right time comes along," Nick said, "or maybe a collaboration."

And the vibe, if it ever happens: "I like a casual feel, but I mix it up," he said. "If I'm wearing a dress shirt, I'll put on funky shoes."


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